Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday bleed into one post

     Because I had a late night last night and Nixon had his playgroup after school, I didn't do yesterday's post. Also, Nixon didn't get his tablet time because after playgroup we came home, ate dinner and it was bedtime. He did get double tablet time today though, so he was good with that.

    Yesterday he spent 15 minutes out of class. The school does Welcome Wednesday the first Wednesday of every month. It's when parents can come to the school and have lunch with their kiddo(s). I haven't gone to one, before yesterday, due to things I had going on at the same time. I was free yesterday and I went. Nixon was so excited to see me! We sat in the cafeteria, which I can see why Nixon's having's so loud! And there are so many conversations happening at once, it's easy to see him getting overwhelmed when he's not focused on one thing (for example, he was focused on my visit).
    The down part to my visit, Nixon squeezed his knee in the gap between the cafeteria table bench. He needed help getting unstuck and ultimately bruised his knee. He was crying a little from the shock of the pain. The teacher's aide let me walk him back to class and give him a couple hugs and kisses. When I left he was shaking it off. He did tell me he was taken to the nurse and got an ice pack for his knee.
    The playgroup was much better than last week. We talked about Nixon needing to listen and participate instead of running around doing whatever he wants. This week he did participate! He only ran around for a couple minutes and even took part in the goodbye song! It was a great playgroup!

    Today Nixon had a good day. He had a couple issues but quickly made better choices and pulled himself together. Of his possible 60 minutes of tablet time, he got 57 minutes. (Since it's February the rule is now: 5 minutes out of class = 1 lost minute of tablet time). 

   Now the sad. Nixon's fish Scootaloo is dying. I did everything I possibly could to save him, but it seems he's lost his fighting spirit. I moved him into a vase with a little water, calm water, no filter flow. He's lying on his side, convulsing every so often, but mostly slowing dying.
   I've prepared Nixon for the worst. I told Nixon that I was angry with Scootaloo for not fighting more to live longer. He asked if that was okay, to be mad at a sick fish. I told him he's allowed to feel whatever he feels. He can be mad, sad, angry, lonely whatever he feels.
    He said "I'm sad and mad a little. I love Scootaloo and I don't want him to die." His bottom lip started quivering. This is where I step in, give him a big hug and tell him I love him.
    I told him, after talking to Mac, that if/when Scootaloo dies we will have a family date Sunday. We'll do breakfast and then go to buy new fish. NOT another Betta fish though. I'm thinking goldfish. Nixon's asked for an African Dwarf Frog and more ghost shrimp. Shrimpy is still alive and Nixon says he's lonely in the tank by himself.

    Farewell, Scootaloo. Please don't die before Nixon goes to school in the morning.....

**I should add, Nixon feels so much larger than most 6-year-olds, because of Asperger's. Losing his fish before school could send him into an emotional tailspin for the entire day. I'm going to send a note into school letting his teacher know of the situation so she's not caught off-guard if Nixon starts crying or gets angry. I feel it's better if his caretakers (teacher and teacher's aide) are aware of a possible meltdown so they can help him work through it before he gets to the epic meltdown point he might reach without support. **

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