Sunday, October 25, 2015

The struggle planning a birthday party for a child on the spectrum...

   Nixon's birthday is less than a month away. He's well aware of how close his birthday is getting. He's been asking for over a week "Is my birthday tomorrow/the day after tomorrow, the day after that?" so I'm very aware of how excited he is about his birthday.
    He's been vocal about the type of party he wants (at a bounce house he went to a couple parties at last school year), he wants all his classmates there and he wants to sit in the inflatable throne. Really nothing else matters but that throne.
     But there's a part of me (and Mac) that worry we'll make these arrangements and no one will come. All the children in Nixon's class are on the spectrum or have other special needs that prevent them from functioning in a general education classroom. Nixon's told me of a child who can't handle the good morning song, so the class whispers it now to make it easier on this student. There haven't been classroom events beyond the general open house/beginning of school meeting, so I haven't gotten a chance to feel out any of the other parents, which means planning a birthday party including these children is beyond rough. Nixon's had meltdowns at this venue before and I'm not sure I can ask other parents to bring their child knowing other children may also react the same way.
    Mac and I made a unilateral decision tonight: We'll bring cupcakes to Nixon's class for his birthday and include goodie bags for each of the children in his class. No party at the venue.
    I'm looking to find an inflatable throne for him and I have a couple other ideas. We'll keep it small and simple for him but still fun.

    I hope we're making the best choice for him.