Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Friday was so bad I took the entire weekend to recover and write this post

   It started with another 2-hour delay start to the school day. This weather is awful, but at least it's not feet and feet of snow!

    I let Nixon wear sweatpants to school (I am NEVER doing that again). While he had a not-completely-awful day, he did decide to use the bathroom and then leave it with his pants down. Thankfully, he did have his undies on (trust me, he has done the "Full Monty" at school before...his preschool, before we were aware of the Asperger's and all that).
    I decided he was going to have to do written work after that stunt. I guess he thought I was joking because he agreed to do whatever I decided as punishment.


    He was wrong. I gave him this sentence to write, 5 times, in his homework book. He hates writing, will do almost anything to get out of writing. I set him up with homework before dinnertime. I gave him plenty of time but set a limit. He had until 6:30PM to finish his homework in.
    He ultimately finished his writing. It got messier, but the point is he did it. 

   Hopefully he will keep his pants up from now on. 

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  1. I'm sorry, but in our family, having his undies on is a WIN!!! You know what I'm talking about LOL