Monday, February 9, 2015

I have no explanation only a slight understanding of how his mind works and a plausible conclusion from that

    Nixon had a horrible day today. He spent almost 2 and a half hours out of class today. He was mouthy, defiant and generally uncooperative. On top of all that, he came home with a minor incident report. He didn't hurt anyone, which is the most positive thing I can say about his day.

    I asked him about this, since he hasn't had a day this bad in over 2 months. He said "Well, D (a boy in his class) was talking to me and I didn't want him too. I was on the elevated table doing work". I asked him what D said, expecting it to be some kind of bullying. I was wrong. Nixon said, "D said "Hey Nixon" to me. I told him to leave me alone because I was working, but he kept talking to me".
    To most people, that would seem like a very petty reason to get upset. To Nixon, he was focusing on work and someone was disturbing his concentration. Nixon tried letting D know he was working, but D kept talking to him. At this point, it didn't matter how kind D was being, the sticking point was he was still talking after Nixon expressed a desire to be left alone. Now, Nixon may not have said it in the nicest manner, but he did verbally express himself.
   I don't know if the teacher was made aware of the situation or not. In a class of roughly 20 kids, I'm sure there's almost always someone talking to someone else.

    A day can seriously be ruined for Nixon by something as simple as another child wanting to talk to him while he's working. I can't explain it, because I'm not actually in Nixon's mind, but it makes sense to him.

    The final part of Nixon's day was his tablet time. Because he spent 2 hours and 25 minutes out of class, he had only a minute of his 30 minutes of tablet time today. Rather than use it, he asked to add it to tomorrow's 30 minutes. Tomorrow he has 31 minutes of tablet time to start with.


    After school, Nixon and I saw a car accident. Well, the aftermath of it. There was a silver car on the shoulder of the road facing on-coming traffic. It looks as it was struck making a turn and stopped there.
   Now that is a logical conclusion based on what I saw.
  Nixon says "You know, Mom. If that person wasn't driving on that side of the road, because that's the way people drive to go home, she could have not had an accident. She needs to be on this side of the road, because we are going away from home."
   That's how Nixon's mind works. This is probably the best example of how Nixon sees things.  

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  1. First off, sounds to me like we have a future Sheldon on our hands ;) I could think of worse things :D

    Secondly, I think he may have gotten flustered at school, but he's learning here, too. And you're helping him identify which is something he needs. He'll get better at asking others to be respectful, or he won't and other people will just have to move along. He has a mysterious mind, and that's what makes him so uniquely loveable. :D We aren't meant for cookie cutter education. And the more I read, the more I think: boy, when we were that age, if we acted that way they would call us stubborn or say something like: Geeze, you're just like your parent.

    Each year he will be more successful and chances are, he'll know what he will want to do a lot sooner than other kids. I love you guys!