Thursday, February 19, 2015

A full day of school?!? I'm as shocked as you are....

    After snow days, delayed starts and holidays, Nixon finally had a full day of school. He was excited about it too!

    Not sure what happened last week, but today showed he's put it behind him!

   Even after spending 40 minutes outside of the classroom, Nixon managed 8 smileys! Considering last week he didn't have a collective total of 8 smileys, we're pretty happy with this.

    He also came home with a "love note" for me.


    In other news, apparently next Wednesday (Feb 25) is our IEP evaluation day. I got 2 phone calls trying to schedule the meeting. I'm not sure why, but it was assumed I'd agree to any time given for this meeting. Unfortunately, I have plans and had to inform them I'd be unavailable for the requested time. I'm expecting a call tomorrow with a scheduled time. 
   It'll be nice to get to discuss this with the IEP team.  

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