Thursday, February 12, 2015

This week is rough to say the least

   Tuesday was a snow day (without the snow). It was icy and the county originally delayed for 2-hours. Conditions didn't improve by much and the county made the cancellation call before 6:30am. Honestly, it was the first snow day this year and was a good call. Lots of accidents on the roads.

   Wednesday was a scheduled early dismissal day.

   Nixon did not have a good day. He hasn't had a day that bad in a couple months. I found out that the kindergarten classes are having to do some mandatory computer testing. Unfortunately this is going to last a couple weeks and that means Nixon doesn't get any of his usual screen time. He wasn't given any notice that this was happening and if I know my kid at all, this is what is causing his behaviors leading to his time out of class.
    I'm struggling with how to approach the school about this. Yes, the testing is required for all students and yes, they have a limited number of computers but Nixon's IEP requires technological alternatives to written activities in addition to it being an activity he earns with good choices/behaviors.

    Today was his classroom Valentine's Day party. I knew it was going to be tough on him and, unfortunately, I was not able to attend this one. While he had a good day, compared to earlier this week, I can't explain his "hanging on another student" episode. He did spend 70 minutes out of class but it was before he wasn't able to handle the chaos of the party (a lot of parents signed up to attend and there were 3 different activities going on during the party).

    I've offered him some supplement computer time at home. I have accounts set up for him at home on the sites he uses at school. He seemed happy with that and I really don't have much more to offer him. 

    We have a 2-hour delay tomorrow morning, there's an extremely cold bit of air coming resulting in subzero wind chills.  

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