Monday, January 12, 2015

What a Monday.....

   I'm just going to put this here:

   It pretty much speaks for itself!
   Due to weather predictions of icy road conditions, school was delayed 2 hours this morning. Nixon and I had a calm and low-key morning before we left for school.

   No time out of class and all smiley faces?! We're happy parents over here.
   I also sent Nixon to school with a calm down glitter jar, for him to keep at school. I asked him this afternoon if he used it today. He said "I didn't need to Mom. I never got upset!". I was not expecting that response.
   His aide said to me "These short days are wonderful for him". She's not wrong. 

   This week, if we ever have another full-day of school, they should start implementing the IEP. The first part will be Nixon's one hour in a smaller class setting for instructional learning. 

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