Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Even when I have a mini-Mom fail moment, Nixon does okay

    Today's Tuesday, and it was a full day of school! Tuesday's also library day for Nixon's class. Normally I pack his book in his backpack the night before. I forgot last night. Normally, Nixon does this little OCD (obsessive compulsion disorder) check list every morning. He stands by the door and it goes something like this:
"Lunch paddle? Check. Backpack? Check. Sneakers? Check" and since the winter has started he'll sometimes add gloves and hat.
    The moral is we both forgot about his book. I remembered a couple hours later and immediately left to bring it to him at school. He had a good library day and I fixed my "mom fail" moment.

   I'm very happy to see he was offered some alternative computer learning during treasure time. That's always been an issue for Nixon. It's a big block of time with different learning stations, a lot of chaos and not very much learning gets done by Nixon. The alternative learning options are in his IEP.
   Nixon had a great day today. 9/10 smiles, no time out of class and a short tantrum, after treasure time which really isn't totally unexpected. He turned the whole day around and for that I'm happy.

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