Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It was bound to happen some time soon


   This was yesterday's behavior sheet. Nixon had earned Lego time, which he was going to get today.
    Another 2 hour delay (weather again) and Nixon was in a great mood and ready to start when I dropped him off. He had a great morning, finished his work early enough to play with the Lego's before lunch time...and it all went down from there. 

   He could not pull himself together after having the Lego's taken away.  This is one of the roughest days he's had in quite a while.
    Today also happened to be "Welcome Wednesday", when parents are invited to have lunch with their kids at school. It's always chaotic and I never attend. My reason is simple: Nixon doesn't need me to come to school for 25 minutes and leave, it'd be difficult for him to adjust after that. I see him at home, he can have school as his time without me. It's not that I don't love him, I just want to keep his routine as unchanged as possible.  
   His day ended with the aide coming to get me to help get him out of the classroom. Nixon was refusing to leave, dead weighting and screaming. I walked into the room and he was sitting quietly next to his teacher, jacket on. He saw me and tried to hide inside his coat! Literally, pulled his head inside the chest part and tried to zip the coat up while he was buried in it. I stood back and let him do it. I wasn't talking to him yet.
    He finally said "Hi Mommy. I'm not going home today". I walked over to him, crouched down so he could see my eyes and hear me as I whispered to him. I don't yell at him in school (I'm not going to lie and say I never yell at him. I'm a parent and I'm not perfect, and this kid can push every button I have. Yelling happens). I did talk to him, very quietly, and asked him if he wanted me to "carry you like a baby in front of all your friends?", of course expecting him to say no. Instead he said yes. So I lifted him arm under his knees and around his back. As I'm carrying him his teacher stops me. Now, I'm trying to get Nixon out of the class without him screaming I'm not exactly in a place to have a conversation with her.
    But it wasn't awful. She apologized again, complimented me for being able to work with Nixon and manage to keep him from screaming (I want to get her ear plugs on some day, Nixon's pitch is evil!) and thanked me for the peanut butter glitter jar. The conversation wasn't as painful as I thought it may have been. 

   The only other awful (disgusting) thing that happened was, apparently, at one point during Nixon's afternoon he decided to pick his nose and try to wipe it on his friends. Of course, kids were laughing and Nixon kept it up until removed from class for a moment. This is so gross! Sometimes he just comes up with things, impulse actions, without any thought before acting. This is one of those things. 

    Just one more thing. I know the difference between Nixon having a rough "Aspie" day and Nixon just acting out to get his way. Today was an "Aspie" day. He came home, did a little reading and crashed in his bed for an hour-long nap. Exhaustion at the end of a difficult or bad day is the telltale sign that Nixon's behavior was more Asperger's issues than ADHD acting out.  

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