Thursday, January 8, 2015

An attempt at something different was done today

   Another 2-hour delayed start to the school day. Yesterday was icy conditions on the roads, to was below zero wind chill advisory. I told Nixon last night that we'd have bacon and eggs if he had another late start for school. True to my word, when Nixon came into the bedroom at 8:05am I got up and made our breakfast.

    I walked him to the school doors today. It was so cold that I couldn't send him out alone, it felt cruel.

   Not much to report today. He had a mediocre day.

    I didn't get told exactly what set him off, but after the 10 minutes out of class, he escalated back into more screaming. At this point, he was taken to the Special Education teacher's room. There he was given 2 choices (he chose to read the pop-up Cat in the Hat book). He spent 15 minutes there and returned back to his classroom.

    The aide mentioned something about him getting overwhelmed early in the day, but had no chance to elaborate. (She brings Nixon out a few minutes before dismissal. She has crossing guard duty and found it's easy for Nixon is he leaves the classroom with her. I've gotten used to getting to the door a few minutes earlier than normal dismissal times. It's really helpful because Nixon likes to run around if he doesn't see Mac or I waiting for him)

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  1. I think they need to be more communicative about why he gets set off. Triggers are a major identifying factor when kids are having a hard time acclimating. If it's because of the behavior of other children, that needs to be noted. If it's because he wants to do something specific, it needs to be noted. Children are often easily distracted by what they want to do, it's not a behavioral issue, it's child nature. If they are really interested in Nixon best interests, then they need to start identifying WHY he gets wound up. I mean, seriously, what if another student is part of the issue and it's not getting noted? That would work against Nixon instead of addressing the actual issue. And as we both know, bullying, by teachers, aides or other students, sticks with children for a lifetime. I'm about to loose my shit on that school...