Friday, January 9, 2015

Ending the week on a high note!

  I love picking Nixon up from school and seeing him smiling big! I love when he throws me a  thumbs up as he's walking down the hall and sees me! I love these things and so much more on a good day.
  Today was that day.
   But not before I saw Nixon leave his class, with the teacher's aide, and head in the opposite direction of the exit. I figured they were going to the school store to buy something as part of Nixon's reward for good behavior. It's happened before. (Students at Nixon's school earn fake currency by making good choices or any other time the teacher feels they've earned it. The money buys stuff st the school store.) They came back and went back into the classroom. Eventually they came out of another classroom and headed towards the office. When the aide brought Nixon out she explained: Nixon couldn't find his fidget that he brought from home today. They checked a couple other classrooms before Nixon found his pocket!

   No time out of class and 9 smileys! The only frowny face is actually real easy to make sense of. They had an assembly with the entire kindergarten grade. It was loud and Nixon got very overstimulated. He told me he did ask to leave the room because he couldn't calm down with the class so loud.
    This is progress! Nixon acknowledged he was overwhelmed and realized he needed space and asked for it. After the first assembly at school, Nixon was out of class for a very long time and couldn't turn his day around. Yet today he recognized, verbalized and asked for time to calm down. This is HUGE! I could not have possibly been happier than I was today coming home after hearing this.
   What a great start to the weekend! 

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