Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IEP(C) meeting today....and I'll explain what that means.

   Today began with a 2-hour delayed start to the school day.  Nixon woke up and came into my bedroom asking me if we were going to be late. I briefly told him we didn't have to leave for a couple more hours because of the weather. I got some more sleep, and also almost smothered by Nixon who insists on kissing me in my sleep.
    We almost had another meltdown over snowball fights and outdoor recess but I defused it by reminding Nixon how cold and wet snow was. He'd asked for a snowball fight before school but instead opted for fake snowball fight. He grabbed a giant cottonball-like ball and threw it at me. Indoor snowball fight and we left for school.

    Our IEP meeting was scheduled for 1pm. Mac left work to attend this meeting. We finally went back to the meeting room just before 1:30pm.  We went over attendance, a bunch of faces and names I'm still learning.
    Our IEP started with a meeting in October (IEP(A)) to agree to testing and find out what kind of tests we were agreeing too, in December before the break we had a results meeting (IEP(B)) and today was IEP(C) the initial plan details.
   The plan will include: 1 hour-a-day outside of the classroom for instruction in a smaller setting, it'll include 3 hours in classroom learning with scheduled breaks and alternative (technological) learning methods,  he'll get time with the school psychologist for evaluations twice every quarter (this won't be the only time he sees her, but the evals are twice a quarter), he'll get an "adult aide" exclusively for him daily (this is going to be a change, since the current teacher's aide isn't qualified to be that assistant, so the school is searching for one now and the current aide will go back to being a classroom aide for 2 kindergarten classes. I can't argue this because there are requirements in place for IEP students and aides that need to be met).  There will also be an Occupational Therapist offering coping techniques to Nixon. So far these include a body sock, wiggle chair and a foam pencil gripper.
    Overall the meeting went well. I did push for the starting point of time out of his current classroom to be 1-hour a day not what was proposed 30 minutes a day. That was really all I was fighting for and they agreed. We'll have a review meeting in 45 days.

   And onto Nixon's Behavior Chart:
   Yep, that's 7 smileys and ZERO time out of class today! Yay!! He had a great day and I was so happy. He was even happier because he got his full half hour on his tablet!

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