Sunday, March 1, 2015

Catching up on behavior charts.....

   If you read my previous post, you might understand why I've fallen behind on the daily posts. I'm struggling to catch up and this week I had an appointment with my doctor.

   I could bore you with a bunch of pictures of all the past behavior charts, but instead I'll just fill in the blanks.
   Nixon is still struggling in school. He's still having time outside of class. He's still having meltdowns in class and is having a tough time fully recovering and moving on. He starts his days on such a good foot, leaves me car ready for school and then at the end of the day his chart shows he's struggled a lot.

    But then, a small almost innocent question from the teacher's aide, and the pieces started falling into place.
    "How long since Miss S left?"
    Miss S is a close family friend, who moved away in February. Nixon adored her and she adores him.
    And Nixon's behavioral regression began about the time she left. I never put the pieces together and Nixon doesn't know how to verbalize his emotions. He feels so much and doesn't always act appropriately based on those emotions.

    I felt so angry and so heartbroken at the same time, because I never thought the regression would have such an easy/simple explanation.
    I talked to Mac about it. I brainstormed. I had to try to help ease his heartache and still get him back on track in school.
    In the end I reached out to S and asked her for help. With her help, Nixon has a very special stuffed animal on the way with a very special recorded message just for him from S. I don't know if it will fix things, but it's an attempt to bandaid his heart.

    On top of Nixon dealing with Miss S moving away, Mac leaves for 12 weeks and a few days of training tomorrow. He was supposed to leave today, in fact we took him to the airport and said our "see you later" at the gate, only to have to go back and pick him up 4 hours later due to a flight cancellation. He is leaving (for real!) tomorrow afternoon. Mac also made a special bear for Nixon, with a special message, that he gave him before we left him.
Capt Bearmerica, Nixon and Mac

    **I'll be honest...I'm pretty jealous of Nixon's bear. It's an awesome gift and I sort of wish I had one for myself**

   Nixon had a 2 hour delay one day last week, a snow day and also a doctor's appointment for his asthma. He grew another .75 inch in a month! His asthma is under control and he won't be seen again for it until June.
   I have an IEP reevaluation meeting Wednesday morning.

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