Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Last week was practically a total wash, as far as school went

    Nixon went to school 2 days last week. He had 3 snow days. Unfortunately, one of his snow days was also the day of his IEP reevaluation meeting. It will have to be rescheduled, of course. Surprisingly enough, that didn't turn out to be a bad thing, it having to be rescheduled, as I received a letter from the school on Saturday regarding an incident with Nixon and another student which resulted in Nixon being sent to the Principal's office. I have more than a few issues about this letter, one of the more irrelevant issue being that this incident took place on February 13th!
    I asked Nixon about it. According to the letter, Nixon one day layed across another student on the carpet in the classroom and the next day stepped on the same student after being instructed to stay away from said student. Nixon admitted to doing both those things. He said he did it because "(name)  was talking to me while I was doing my morning work. I didn't want them to talk to me because I was trying to get all my work done but they wouldn't stop talking." I asked him, what no doubt I will be asked as it will be seen as an "obvious" question "Did you ask him not to talk to you?". Now, this is where it's going to be really hard for me to get the IEP team to see Nixon's way of thinking, Nixon said he didn't because "I was focusing so hard on ignoring all the noises and just doing my work it would have hurt my mouth to make words."
   As his mom, and because I'm working really hard to understand how he sees things and how he thinks, I can understand what he means. But to most people who don't deal with him in such an intimate manner, they're going to have no way of comprehending how hard Nixon is concentrating in that classroom to get that work done in the morning.
    And how proud am I that he is learning to use his words to tell me things like this?!?! Even if he can't tell his teachers or his aide, if he can tell me I can go in and I can be his voice!

   But trust me, they will when Mama Bear Rea roars for her cub! My child should not be in a classroom feeling so overwhelmed that he tells me he physically can not make words to tell a child, or even ask a child to leave him alone to get his work done. This is specifically why I pushed so hard for an hour out of class every day!

    On top of all the other IEP nonsense, Nixon's acting out in class (again). Yesterday I noticed a note that said he was trying to climb into the cubby's the classroom has for each student. To me, that sounds like Nixon is seeking a quiet place to get away in.
    We had an awful morning yesterday. While taking the college student I drive during the week to her internship, my windshield got hit by debris from a passing garbage truck and actually hit with enough force to shatter a small hole through it. Not very big, and thankfully no one was hurt, but it was quite jarring and Nixon wasn't really sure how to deal with it all. Was it broken? Did the car break? Where did the thing go? Will water get into my car? Can he tell Daddy about it? Is Nixon okay? (He kept asking that, about himself in the third person.)
    All this was after I told him I'd booked us a flight to visit his Nana in Miami next month. He had a lot going on in his little brain yesterday morning. I was overwhelmed but I'm used to it.

   Finally, Nixon asked to try my dinner tonight. That's odd enough. But tonight I had a grilled cheese sandwich, which before tonight Nixon has refused to touch in the past. Tonight he tried it, liked it and asked for more. He eventually ate a quarter of my sandwich.
   He's never eaten it in the past because of the feeling of the pan-toasted bread. He's fine with toaster made toast. I've offered to make grilled cheese for dinner tomorrow night, we'll see if he eats it again or if this was a one-time deal.

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