Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shoe shopping with Nixon

   Nixon's day yesterday was a 7 smiley face out of 8 day! The day's schedule wasn't normal because of a planned "crisis" drill. Nixon told me they get books and sit in a quiet room and read the books until they hear a loud voice call for them to come out of they hiding places. It sounded like it's well thought out and not very hectic, which for Nixon to be so calm during is saying a lot!
   He did get to help Miss J with the trash can in the lunch room and he was overjoyed about that!

   Nixon told me yesterday morning before school that his toes were all the way to the front of his sneakers and "I need smaller feet to fit my spider man shoes, Mom". My alternative of buying bigger shoes seemed to appease him and we made plans to go shopping Saturday morning for them.

    This morning we went to Target (he's familiar enough with Target that even on a weekend he can handle the crowds and not get too overwhelmed). We grabbed Starbucks, wondered around aimlessly and eventually made our way to the shoes. Nixon tried on 3 pairs of shoes. He was so happy to find another pair of light-up Spider man Velcro sneakers. I also got him to try on a pair of lace up sneakers and a pair of high-tops. He liked the lace up but refused to even stand up with the high-tops on because "they squeeze my whole foot top-to-bottom all weird", and I just let it go. Sometimes, that's all I can do. I'm not always going to understand how he explains something but it's important that I validate and respect his feelings.
    The shoe thing? That's SPD. Some textures/smells/tastes are very strong and overwhelming to Nixon. Apparently, high tops are now added to the list of things he doesn't like. He actually only agreed to try the sneakers on in the first place because he's never worn a pair of them before. He also really liked a pair of glittery gold slip-on shoes, but didn't want to look for them in his size.

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